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This service provides essential functionality to deal with Locations, LocationGroups and TransportUnits. An often referred example is the ability to move a TransportUnit from a Location A to a Location B.



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The module depends on CORE dependencies and one additional optional COMMON dependency that is only used in the enterprise version and offers an additional API for the UI.


Build a runnable fat jar with the execution of all unit and in-memory database integration tests, but without a required RabbitMQ server to run:

$ ./mvnw package

To also build and run with RabbitMQ support call:

$ ./mvnw package,TEST

This requires a RabbitMQ server running locally with default settings.


This is a library not a standalone microservice that runs on the JVM. This library is part of the Common Service, that is distributed as Docker image and can be instantiated as Docker container.

Run as Docker Container

Instead of building the software from the sources and run it as Java program on the JVM it must be fetched as a Docker image from Docker Hub and started as a Docker container.

$ docker run openwms/org.openwms.common.service:latest


Releasing a new stable version of the software to Maven Central is usually done by the service maintainers only. To build an optimized and signed binary version and upload it to the Sonatype Staging Repository call:

$ ./mvnw deploy -Prelease,gpg

After it is uploaded, Sonatype runs a couple of quality checks before it can be manually released to Maven Central.

Release Documentation

To release the API documentation as a static website manually just call the following two Maven commands. This is integrated into the automated build pipeline as well.

$ ./mvnw package,TEST
$ ./mvnw site scm-publish:publish-scm