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Configuration defines additional configuration parameters beside the standard Spring Framework ones. All custom parameters are children of the owms property namespace.

Parameter Type Default profile value Description
owms.eureka.url string http://user:sa@localhost:8761 The base URL of the running Eureka service discovery server, inclusive schema and port string http://user:sa@localhost:8761/eureka/ The full Eureka registration endpoint URL
owms.service.protocol string http The protocol the service' is accessible from Eureka clients
owms.service.hostname string localhost The hostname the service' is accessible from Eureka clients string dle.common Exchange for the poison message forwarding
owms.common.dead-letter.queue-name string common-dle-common Queue for poison messages bound to the dead-letter exchange
owms.common.delete-transport-unit-mode string strict Can be strict to delete TransportUnits immediately, or on-accept where at least one collaborator must accept removal of the TransportUnit string common.tu.commands Exchange to send out TU requests
owms.commands.common.tu.queue-name string common-tu-commands-queue Queue to receive TU commands and responses from
owms.commands.common.tu.routing-key string* Routing key to filter incoming commands string common.lg Exchange to send out updates on LocationGroups and Locations string common.tu Exchange to send out updates on TransportUnits string common.tut Exchange to send out updates on TransportUnitTypes