All Classes and Interfaces

A AddProblem implementation is able to add a problem (as Message to a TransportOrder.
A AddProblemImpl.
A AddProblemImpl.
A AllConfigurations.
An AmqpStartRequestForwarder requests a remote service instance via an AMQP command whether a TransportOrder might be started or not.
An AmqpStateListener listens on a start response from remote services as a reply to a former start request, validates the response and delegates to the Startable instance for final starting of the TransportOrder.
A ChangeState is an UpdateFunction to change the state of an TransportOrder.
A ChangeTU is responsible to change a TransportOrders assigned TransportUnit.
A CreateTransportOrderVO.
A DecisionVoter is asked to vote for a business action.
A DefaultTargetResolvers.
A DeniedException is thrown by a DecisionVoters in case a business action is not allowed to be executed.
A ExternalStarter is able to vote whether a TransportOrder shall be started or not.
A Initializer.
A InternalStartAcceptor.
A LocationGroupRedirector votes for a RedirectVote whether the target locationGroup is enabled for infeed.
A LocationGroupTargetHandler.
A LocationPK, is a value type and is used as an unique natural key for Location entities.
LocationPK builder static inner class.
A LocationRedirector votes for a RedirectVote whether the target location is enabled for infeed.
A LocationTargetHandler.
A Message is used to encapsulate a message text with an identifier.
Message builder static inner class.
A MessageVO.
A PrioritizeTO is responsible to change the priority of a TransportOrder.
A PriorityLevel is used to prioritize TransportOrders.
A ProblemHistory stores an occurred problem, in form of Message, recorded on TransportOrder.
A ProblemHistoryRepository.
A RedirectTO is responsible to handle target changes of a TransportOrder.
A RedirectVote encapsulates a targetLocationGroup and a targetLocation to vote for as a target.
A RemovalNotAllowedException is thrown when the caller is not allowed to remove an entity.
A Startable implementation is able to start or restart TransportOrders.
A Starter.
A StartListener.
A StateChangeException signals that the request to change the state of a TransportOrder was not allowed.
A StateChangeRequest.
A StateChangeResponse.
A StateManager is able to manage the state of a TransportOrder.
A StateManagerImpl.
A TargetHandler offers a set of functions according to the specific of the Target implementation.
A TargetRedirector.
A TargetResolver is responsible to resolve a TargetVO.
A TMS_API defines the root API entry URL of the service.
A TMSMessageCodes is a collection with message codes unique within this module.
A TOCommand is used to trigger actions on TransportOrders.
A TransportationAsyncConfiguration.
A TransportationController.
A TransportationFacade is a transactional Spring managed bean that is independent from the used API exporter pattern.
A TransportationFeignConfiguration.
A TransportationModuleConfiguration.
A TransportationRunner is the Spring Boot starter class of the microservice component.
A TransportationSecurityConfiguration.
A TransportationService offers some useful methods regarding the general handling of TransportOrders.
A TransportationServiceImpl is a Spring managed transactional service.
A TransportationStandaloneConfiguration is activated when the service is deployed as a microservice, not packaged within an application.
A TransportationWebConfiguration customizes the Spring MVC configuration.
A TransportOrder is used to move TransportUnits from the current Location to another target (Location).
A TransportOrderApi is a part of the Transportation Service' public RESTful API.
A TransportOrderCommandHandler.
A TransportOrderEventPropagator.
A TransportOrderMapper.
A TransportOrderMO is a Message Object representing a TransportOrder.
A TransportOrderRepository is an extension of Spring Data's JpaRepository that provides additional queries regarding TransportOrder entities.
A TransportOrderState defines all possible states a TransportOrder may resist in.
A TransportOrderVO.
A TransportPackage is a class used kinda marker annotation to have a shortcut to this Java package especially for Spring component scan.
A TransportServiceEvent.
All possible types of this event.
A TransportStartComparator.
A TransportUnitEvent.
A TransportUnitEventPropagator.
A TransportUnitMapper.
A TransportUnitRemovalHandler updates existing TransportOrders in case a TransportUnit is deleted.
A TransportUnitRemovalListener is an AMQP listener that listens on commands when a TransportUnit is going to be deleted.
A UpdateFunction.
A UpdateTransportOrderVO.
A ValidationGroups is a collection of marker interfaces used for Bean Validation with JSR-303.
Validation that is applied when a TransportOrder is created.
Validation that is applied when a TransportOrder is updated.
Validate that a transportUnitBK and at least one target exist.
A Vote stores all information used by DecisionVoters to vote for or against an action that shall be executed.