Class RedirectTO

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@Component class RedirectTO extends Object implements UpdateFunction
A RedirectTO is responsible to handle target changes of a TransportOrder. Only the targetLocationGroup of the TransportOrder toUpdate is recognized.
Heiko Scherrer
  • Field Details

    • LOGGER

      private static final org.slf4j.Logger LOGGER
    • redirectVoters

      private final List<DecisionVoter<RedirectVote>> redirectVoters
      0..* voters, can be overridden and extended with XML configuration. So far we define only one (default) voter directly.
    • addProblem

      private final AddProblem addProblem
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  • Method Details

    • update

      public void update(TransportOrder saved, TransportOrder toUpdate)
      Validate and change the requested values of the saved instance.
      Specified by:
      update in interface UpdateFunction
      saved - The currently persisted TransportOrder
      toUpdate - The TransportOrder holding the new values to save
    • differentTarget

      private boolean differentTarget(TransportOrder saved, TransportOrder toUpdate)