Table testdb.public.act_ru_incident Generated by
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Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
id_ varchar 64
act_ru_incident.cause_incident_id_ act_fk_inc_cause R
act_ru_incident.root_cause_incident_id_ act_fk_inc_rcause R
rev_ int4 10
incident_timestamp_ timestamp 29,6
incident_msg_ varchar 4000  √  null
incident_type_ varchar 255
execution_id_ varchar 64  √  null
act_ru_execution.id_ act_fk_inc_exe R
activity_id_ varchar 255  √  null
failed_activity_id_ varchar 255  √  null
proc_inst_id_ varchar 64  √  null
act_ru_execution.id_ act_fk_inc_procinst R
proc_def_id_ varchar 64  √  null
act_re_procdef.id_ act_fk_inc_procdef R
cause_incident_id_ varchar 64  √  null
act_ru_incident.id_ act_fk_inc_cause R
root_cause_incident_id_ varchar 64  √  null
act_ru_incident.id_ act_fk_inc_rcause R
configuration_ varchar 255  √  null
tenant_id_ varchar 64  √  null
job_def_id_ varchar 64  √  null
act_ru_jobdef.id_ act_fk_inc_job_def R
annotation_ varchar 4000  √  null

Table contained 0 rows at Tue Apr 16 13:44 UTC 2024

Column(s) Type Sort Constraint Name
id_ Primary key Asc act_ru_incident_pkey
cause_incident_id_ Performance Asc act_idx_inc_causeincid
configuration_ Performance Asc act_idx_inc_configuration
execution_id_ Performance Asc act_idx_inc_exid
job_def_id_ Performance Asc act_idx_inc_job_def
proc_def_id_ Performance Asc act_idx_inc_procdefid
proc_inst_id_ Performance Asc act_idx_inc_procinstid
root_cause_incident_id_ Performance Asc act_idx_inc_rootcauseincid
tenant_id_ Performance Asc act_idx_inc_tenant_id

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