Table testdb.public.act_ru_execution Generated by
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Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
id_ varchar 64
act_ru_event_subscr.execution_id_ act_fk_event_exec R
act_ru_execution.parent_id_ act_fk_exe_parent R
act_ru_execution.proc_inst_id_ act_fk_exe_procinst R
act_ru_execution.super_exec_ act_fk_exe_super R
act_ru_ext_task.execution_id_ act_fk_ext_task_exe R
act_ru_incident.execution_id_ act_fk_inc_exe R
act_ru_incident.proc_inst_id_ act_fk_inc_procinst R
act_ru_task.execution_id_ act_fk_task_exe R
act_ru_task.proc_inst_id_ act_fk_task_procinst R
act_ru_variable.execution_id_ act_fk_var_exe R
act_ru_variable.proc_inst_id_ act_fk_var_procinst R
rev_ int4 10  √  null
root_proc_inst_id_ varchar 64  √  null
proc_inst_id_ varchar 64  √  null
act_ru_execution.id_ act_fk_exe_procinst R
business_key_ varchar 255  √  null
parent_id_ varchar 64  √  null
act_ru_execution.id_ act_fk_exe_parent R
proc_def_id_ varchar 64  √  null
act_re_procdef.id_ act_fk_exe_procdef R
super_exec_ varchar 64  √  null
act_ru_execution.id_ act_fk_exe_super R
super_case_exec_ varchar 64  √  null
case_inst_id_ varchar 64  √  null
act_id_ varchar 255  √  null
act_inst_id_ varchar 64  √  null
is_active_ bool 1  √  null
is_concurrent_ bool 1  √  null
is_scope_ bool 1  √  null
is_event_scope_ bool 1  √  null
suspension_state_ int4 10  √  null
cached_ent_state_ int4 10  √  null
sequence_counter_ int8 19  √  null
tenant_id_ varchar 64  √  null

Table contained 0 rows at Tue Apr 16 13:44 UTC 2024

Column(s) Type Sort Constraint Name
id_ Primary key Asc act_ru_execution_pkey
parent_id_ Performance Asc act_idx_exe_parent
proc_def_id_ Performance Asc act_idx_exe_procdef
proc_inst_id_ Performance Asc act_idx_exe_procinst
root_proc_inst_id_ Performance Asc act_idx_exe_root_pi
super_exec_ Performance Asc act_idx_exe_super
business_key_ Performance Asc act_idx_exec_buskey
tenant_id_ Performance Asc act_idx_exec_tenant_id

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