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TMS Transportation allows to create TransportOrders in automated warehouses. A TransportOrder is used to transport pallets, boxes, cartons or other types of TransportUnits between warehouse Locations. Usually more than one TransportOrder is created when a customer order is received or when a lorry of goods arrives at the warehouse.

These kinds of TransportOrders are meant to be used in automated warehouses only. Other concepts with other types of transports, like Movements, do better apply for manual warehouses (see the Movements Service for manual warehouses).


This component is a crucial part of the TMS (Transport Management System) and is required across projects - perhaps in different flavor. The microservice is deployed as RTU (ready-to-use) box in following environments:

endpoints billed SLA no Heroku SLA for Europe region depends on AWS Europe region no No SLA


$ mvn deploy -Prelease,gpg

Release Documentation

$ mvn package,TEST -Psonar
$ mvn site scm-publish:publish-scm