Class AsyncTransportUnitApiImpl

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    class AsyncTransportUnitApiImpl
    extends Object
    implements AsyncTransportUnitApi
    A AsyncTransportUnitApiImpl is a Spring managed bean to send Commands asynchronously over AMQP, only active with Spring profile SpringProfiles.ASYNCHRONOUS_PROFILE.
    Heiko Scherrer
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      • template

        private final org.springframework.amqp.core.AmqpTemplate template
      • exchangeName

        private final String exchangeName
    • Constructor Detail

      • AsyncTransportUnitApiImpl

        AsyncTransportUnitApiImpl​(org.springframework.amqp.core.AmqpTemplate template,
                                  String exchangeName)
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      • process

        public void process​(org.openwms.common.transport.api.commands.Command command)
        Description copied from interface: AsyncTransportUnitApi
        Process the given command.
        Specified by:
        process in interface AsyncTransportUnitApi
        command - Command to process