Interface ReceivingService

    • Method Detail

      • capture

        @NotNull ReceivingOrder capture​(@NotEmpty
                                        @NotEmpty String pKey,
                                        @NotEmpty String transportUnitId,
                                        @NotEmpty String loadUnitPosition,
                                        @NotEmpty String loadUnitType,
                                        @NotNull org.openwms.core.units.api.Measurable quantityReceived,
                                        CaptureDetailsVO details,
                                        @NotNull @Valid
                                        @NotNull @Valid Product product)
        Decrease one of the ReceivingOrderPositions by the received amount of the given Product and book the received article to the TransportUnit identified by the transportUnitId.
        pKey - The persistent key of the ReceivingOrder
        transportUnitId - The identifier of the TransportUnit to book the Product to
        loadUnitPosition - The position of the LoadUnit
        loadUnitType - In case the LoadUnit is created this is type for the LoadUnit
        quantityReceived - The received quantity
        product - The received Product
        The updated ReceivingOrder instance with updated positions
      • findByPKey

        @NotNull ReceivingOrder findByPKey​(@NotEmpty
                                           @NotEmpty String pKey)
        Find and return a ReceivingOrder identified by its synthetic persistent key.
        pKey - The synthetic persistent key
        The instance
        org.ameba.exception.NotFoundException - if not found
      • findByOrderId

        Optional<ReceivingOrder> findByOrderId​(@NotEmpty
                                               @NotEmpty String orderId)
        Find and return a ReceivingOrder identified by its business key.
        orderId - The business key
        The order instance