Class ReceivingOrderPosition

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Serializable, org.ameba.integration.TypedEntity<Long>

    public class ReceivingOrderPosition
    extends org.ameba.integration.jpa.BaseEntity
    implements Serializable
    A ReceivingOrderPosition.
    Heiko Scherrer
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    Serialized Form
    • Field Detail

      • posNo

        private @NotNull Integer posNo
        The position number is a unique index within a single ReceivingOrder instance.
      • state

        private @NotNull OrderState state
        Current position state. Default is
      • quantityExpected

        private @NotNull org.openwms.core.units.api.Measurable quantityExpected
      • quantityReceived

        private @NotNull org.openwms.core.units.api.Measurable quantityReceived
      • product

        private @NotNull Product product
        The ordered Product identified by it's SKU.
      • transportUnitBK

        private String transportUnitBK
        The business key of the expected TransportUnit that will be received.
      • latestDueDate

        private ZonedDateTime latestDueDate
        Latest date this position can be processed.
    • Constructor Detail

      • ReceivingOrderPosition

        protected ReceivingOrderPosition()
        Used by the JPA provider.
    • Method Detail

      • getTransportUnitBK

        public String getTransportUnitBK()
      • getPosNo

        public int getPosNo()
      • getQuantityExpected

        public org.openwms.core.units.api.Measurable getQuantityExpected()
      • setQuantityExpected

        public void setQuantityExpected​(org.openwms.core.units.api.Measurable quantityExpected)
      • getQuantityReceived

        public org.openwms.core.units.api.Measurable getQuantityReceived()
      • addQuantityReceived

        public org.openwms.core.units.api.Measurable addQuantityReceived​(org.openwms.core.units.api.Measurable quantityReceived)
      • setQuantityReceived

        public void setQuantityReceived​(org.openwms.core.units.api.Measurable quantityReceived)
      • getProduct

        public Product getProduct()