Class BaseReceivingOrderPosition

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, org.ameba.integration.TypedEntity<Long>
Direct Known Subclasses:
ReceivingOrderPosition, ReceivingTransportUnitOrderPosition

@Entity public class BaseReceivingOrderPosition extends org.ameba.integration.jpa.BaseEntity implements Serializable
A BaseReceivingOrderPosition.
Heiko Scherrer
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  • Field Details

    • order

      private ReceivingOrder order
    • posNo

      @NotNull private @NotNull Integer posNo
      The position number is a unique index within a single ReceivingOrder instance.
    • state

      @NotNull private @NotNull OrderState state
      Current position state.
    • details

      private Map<String,String> details
      Arbitrary detail information on this position, might be populated with ERP information.
    • latestDueDate

      private ZonedDateTime latestDueDate
      Latest date this position can be processed.
  • Constructor Details

    • BaseReceivingOrderPosition

      protected BaseReceivingOrderPosition()
      Used by the JPA provider.
    • BaseReceivingOrderPosition

      public BaseReceivingOrderPosition(Integer posNo)
  • Method Details