Class EventPropagator


@Profile("ASYNCHRONOUS") @Component public class EventPropagator extends Object
A EventPropagator is a Spring managed bean, actived in profile ASYNCHRONOUS that propagates internal events to the outer world via AMQP.
Heiko Scherrer
  • Field Details

    • LOGGER

      private static final org.slf4j.Logger LOGGER
    • amqpTemplate

      private final org.springframework.amqp.core.AmqpTemplate amqpTemplate
    • receivingMapper

      private final ReceivingMapper receivingMapper
    • receivingExchangeName

      private final String receivingExchangeName
  • Constructor Details

    • EventPropagator

      public EventPropagator(org.springframework.amqp.core.AmqpTemplate amqpTemplate, ReceivingMapper receivingMapper, @Value("${}") String receivingExchangeName)
  • Method Details