Class ReceivingOrderMO

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public class ReceivingOrderMO extends Object implements Serializable
A ReceivingOrderMO.
Heiko Scherrer
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  • Field Details

    • pKey

      private String pKey
      The persistent identifier.
    • orderId

      private String orderId
      The unique identifier of this ReceivingOrder.
    • state

      private String state
      The current state of this ReceivingOrder.
    • positions

      private List<@Valid ReceivingOrderPositionMO> positions
      A set of ReceivingOrderPositions belonging to this ReceivingOrder.
    • details

      private Map<String,String> details
      Arbitrary detail information stored along an order.
  • Constructor Details

    • ReceivingOrderMO

      public ReceivingOrderMO()
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