Class ReceivingOrderPositionVO

    • Field Detail

      • positionId

        private @NotEmpty String positionId
        The unique position ID within an ReceivingOrder - must not be empty.
      • state

        private String state
        Current position state. Default is
      • quantityExpected

        private @NotNull org.openwms.core.units.api.Measurable<?,​?,​?> quantityExpected
        The expected quantity of the expected product - must not be null.
      • quantityReceived

        private org.openwms.core.units.api.Measurable<?,​?,​?> quantityReceived
        The already received quantity of the product.
      • product

        private @NotNull ProductVO product
        The unique SKU of the expected Product - must not be empty.
      • startMode

        private String startMode
        Optional: How the position should be processed, manually oder automatically.
      • transportUnitId

        private String transportUnitId
        Optional: Expected receipts may also carry the unique identifier of the suppliers TransportUnit.
      • transportUnitType

        private String transportUnitType
        Optional: The suppliers type of TransportUnit.
      • supplierPackingUnit

        private String supplierPackingUnit
    • Constructor Detail

      • ReceivingOrderPositionVO

      • ReceivingOrderPositionVO

        public ReceivingOrderPositionVO​(@NotEmpty
                                        @NotEmpty String positionId,
                                        @NotEmpty org.openwms.core.units.api.Measurable<?,​?,​?> quantityExpected,
                                        @NotNull ProductVO product)
    • Method Detail

      • getPositionId

        public String getPositionId()
      • getQuantityExpected

        public org.openwms.core.units.api.Measurable<?,​?,​?> getQuantityExpected()
      • getQuantityReceived

        public org.openwms.core.units.api.Measurable<?,​?,​?> getQuantityReceived()
      • getState

        public String getState()
      • getStartMode

        public String getStartMode()
      • getTransportUnitId

        public String getTransportUnitId()
      • getTransportUnitType

        public String getTransportUnitType()
      • getSupplierPackingUnit

        public String getSupplierPackingUnit()
      • hashCode

        public int hashCode()
        hashCode in class Object