Class QuantityCaptureRequestVO

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class QuantityCaptureRequestVO extends CaptureRequestVO implements Serializable
A QuantityCaptureRequestVO contains all information used to capture goods within a LoadUnit on top of a TransportUnit.
Heiko Scherrer
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  • Field Details

    • transportUnitId

      @NotEmpty private @NotEmpty String transportUnitId
      The business key of the captured TransportUnit where the goods are captured in.
    • loadUnitLabel

      @NotEmpty private @NotEmpty String loadUnitLabel
      The unique identifier if the LoadUnit where the goods are captured in.
    • loadUnitType

      private String loadUnitType
      A type in case a LoadUnit needs to be created (optional).
    • quantityReceived

      @NotNull private @NotNull org.openwms.core.units.api.Measurable quantityReceived
      The quantity that has been received during the capturing process.
    • product

      @NotNull private @NotNull ProductVO product
      The captured Product.
    • serialNumber

      private String serialNumber
      A serial number of the captured item (optional) .
    • lotId

      private String lotId
      The business key referring to an existing Lot (optional) .
  • Constructor Details

    • QuantityCaptureRequestVO

      public QuantityCaptureRequestVO()
  • Method Details

    • getTransportUnitId

      public String getTransportUnitId()
    • setTransportUnitId

      public void setTransportUnitId(String transportUnitId)
    • getLoadUnitLabel

      public String getLoadUnitLabel()
    • setLoadUnitLabel

      public void setLoadUnitLabel(String loadUnitLabel)
    • getLoadUnitType

      public String getLoadUnitType()
    • setLoadUnitType

      public void setLoadUnitType(String loadUnitType)
    • getQuantityReceived

      public org.openwms.core.units.api.Measurable getQuantityReceived()
    • setQuantityReceived

      public void setQuantityReceived(org.openwms.core.units.api.Measurable quantityReceived)
    • getProduct

      public ProductVO getProduct()
    • setProduct

      public void setProduct(ProductVO product)
    • getSerialNumber

      public String getSerialNumber()
    • setSerialNumber

      public void setSerialNumber(String serialNumber)
    • getLotId

      public String getLotId()
    • setLotId

      public void setLotId(String lotId)