WMS: Receiving Service 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT API

This package contains types that are used to access the COMMON Service Transport API.
This package contains all supported Command types the COMMON Service can handle.
This package contains all supported Message types of the COMMON Service.
This package contains common shared value classes in
This package contains all types that belong to the WMS layer of
Contains types to model general order handling.
Contains types to handle receiving orders.
Contains types that belong to the public API of the microservice.
This package contains event types and message objects that are exposed in the Receiving Service API.
Contains Spring configuration files and others responsible for the application lifecycle.
This package contains internal used event types and listeners.
Contains inner types private to the microservice implementation.
Contains types to deal with warehouse inventory.
Contains implementation classes to manage the warehouse inventory.
Contains types that are meant to be extended, so called extension points or the Service Provider Interfaces.
Contains types of the public API of the WMS Inventory microservice.
This package contains the service internal implementation of the Transport management.
Contains event types of the COMMON microservice.
Contains stripped implementation types mirrored from the COMMON microservice.