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 Published On July 07, 2014

A blog is a Web site that enables you or your organization to quickly share ideas and information. Blogs contain posts that are dated and listed in reverse chronological order. People can comment on your posts, as well as provide links to interesting sites, photos, and related blogs.

Posts are an essential part of a blog. They are typically journal-like entries that contain information, ideas, and opinions. They are displayed in chronological order, starting with the most recent posts.

You can create a post on a SharePoint blog by using a Web browser, if you have permission to contribute to the Posts list. You don’t need additional tools or programs to create content, add pictures, apply formatting, and insert hyperlinks. To post comments to a blog, you must have permission to contribute to the Comments list. In some cases, comments must be approved before they will appear on the site.

Note If your Web browser doesn’t support ActiveX controls, then the formatting toolbar may not be available. However, you can use basic HTML tags to format the text in your blog posts.

This is a test

You can also post content to a blog by doing the following:

Creating and submitting a post in an e-mail message. In order to submit a post in an e-mail message, your blog must be enabled to receive content in e-mail messages.
Creating a post by using a blog creation and publishing tool that is compatible with a SharePoint blogs.

By default, blogs are set up so that approval is required before posts are published. This can be helpful if numerous people are publishing content, or if a post could contain sensitive content. By default, people who have permission to manage lists can approve blog posts, but you can customize those settings.

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